Before I go… A word with Jane Wilson

Jane Wilson children

When I first moved to Thirsk, I found Thirsk Community Care hidden down an alleyway. I got a great welcome from Gill when I said I was looking for paid and voluntary work with children. I soon started working as a volunteer with a young man who I would take to town on a Saturday morning, giving his parents time to go swimming with his siblings and catch up on house work. I also became a play worker at the school holiday play schemes for children with a wide range of disabilities and additional needs. I soon ended up coordinating the Oaks play scheme, introducing lots of new activities, especially art activities, and bringing in specialists to provide sport, music and dance sessions. This in turn led to working in the office, coordinating all our childrens services.

I have fully enjoyed this experience – no two days are the same. There have been highlights such as carrying out art workshops with the children, and lows when logistics don’t always go to plan. Every day has been busy and the end results of providing safe and fun support for the children as well as much-needed respite for parents and carers means all frustrations are worth it.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know so many amazing children as well as working with committed and enthusiastic staff and volunteers. Thank you for all your support.

I am now exploring my interest in art by going to study for an MA at Leeds Arts University in September and I hope this qualification can be combined with the experiences I have gained at Thirsk Community Care to lead to future employment such as Community Art projects. I am pleased that my replacement, Jon Ptolomey, seems just as keen to ensure the children’s projects run smoothly, and to provide the best service possible for the children and families. I wish him good luck.

I will continue to work in the office on reduced hours in my role of interim Operational manager.

We’ve passed our Matrix Quality Assurance Standard


We’re pleased to share the we’ve passed the “Annual Continuous Improvement Check (CIC) Year 2 for The Matrix Standard”. This is a Quality Assurance Standard that we now have accreditation for until August 2019. It’s so important to us that our service has been recognised as continuously improving in our provision of information, advice and guidance to clients.

Thirsk Community Care collaborating with Thirsk Clock

Thirsk Clock

Two of Thirsk’s long-established charities, The Clock and Thirsk Community Care, have decided that the best way to do more for local people is to explore a closer working relationship. It may be that in time they will merge into one charity – but if so that will be some time off.

The Boards of both organisations have met and agreed that they share the same ethos and commitment to improving the lives of people in the town and the wider district. The Trustees feel that working together more closely will allow them to develop more exciting ways to deliver services and secure their future.

More information will follow as it becomes available.

Guest Blog: Meet Our Intern Nathan

Nathan Intern Blog

We’re delighted to share this guest blog, penned by our intern, Nathan.

“I was sceptical when I began my week of work experience with Thirsk Community Care, as I had fears about meeting new people. However, now my only fear is that the week is coming to an end! I’ve had a great time helping with carers support and meals on wheels. I’ve even enjoyed doing admin work. The staff are all enthusiastic about what they do, knowing that they help the community and they have made me feel accepted into the team of Thirsk Community Care.

My highlight from this week must be on Wednesday when Thirsk Community Care held their fortnightly event called “Food and Friendship” at the Pantry. Seeing all the elderly people having a good time, playing bingo, and loving the food was the point when I realised that just meeting them for that one event can mean so much, and it shows that the staff and volunteers are dedicated to making a difference within our community. The low point of my week has been waking up in the morning at 8 o’clock. I understand that to some people this may be late, but for me it’s about two hours too early!

Overall I have enjoyed working at Thirsk Community Care and the roles I have undertaken during the time I have been working here have helped me to develop my social and communication skills.”

Alan Takes To The Skies And Raises £1000

Thirsk Community Care was delighted to receive a cheque from support Alan Garside, after he raised money from a skydive.

Alan kindly donated £1,000 to support our Memory Cafe for local people living with dementia, following his own wife’s diagnosis with Frontotemporal Dementia at the age of just 57.

Here is a small selection of the pictures from the day.

Alan skydive waving

Alan gives us a wave

Alan with certificate

Alan shares the certificate from his jump

Alan ready to jump

Ready to jump

If you or someone you know has a fundraising idea and you’d like to share the proceeds with Thirsk Community Care, let us know and we’ll help you spread the word.

Celebrating Carers Week With A Whodunnit

Carers Week whodunnit

Carers Week every year gives us a chance to celebrate all that is good in our community and raise awareness of the work we do.  This year, I was delighted to welcome Rob Gee to perform his “Alzheimers whodunnit” for something rather different.

Rob was inspirational in his portrayal of a variety of characters, drawing from his experience some years ago when he worked as a student in a phychiatric hospital. Volunteers, carers and staff from organisations working with people with dementia came together to enjoy the show. It was educational, amusing, and thought-provoking – the perfect way to celebrate Carers Week.

Enjoy our exclusive interview with Rob Gee about the performance in the short video below:

By Gill Burn, Carers Support Coordinator at Thirsk Community Care

Dave Wood is Running The Great North Run for Thirsk Community Care

Great North Run

We’re so grateful to local fundraiser Dave Wood, who has bravely signed up to run the 2018 Great North Run to raise money for our Memory Cafe.

Take a look at Dave’s Local Giving page to read more about his story, and why he’s decided to make this impressive commitment.

If you or someone you know has a fundraising idea and you’d like to share the proceeds with Thirsk Community Care, let us know and we’ll help you spread the word.

Our new privacy policy and data protection policy

With data protection regulations changing on 25th May 2018, we’ve updated our policies to ensure we’re taking care of your data.

Here is a link to our new privacy policy.

Here is a link to view our confidentiality and data protection policy.

If you have any questions or concerns about either of these policies, or you have a general enquiry about how we handle data at Thirsk Community Care, please call our Chief Officer on 01845 523 115.