Celebrating Carers Week With A Whodunnit

Carers Week whodunnit

Carers Week every year gives us a chance to celebrate all that is good in our community and raise awareness of the work we do.  This year, I was delighted to welcome Rob Gee to perform his “Alzheimers whodunnit” for something rather different.

Rob was inspirational in his portrayal of a variety of characters, drawing from his experience some years ago when he worked as a student in a phychiatric hospital. Volunteers, carers and staff from organisations working with people with dementia came together to enjoy the show. It was educational, amusing, and thought-provoking – the perfect way to celebrate Carers Week.

Enjoy our exclusive interview with Rob Gee about the performance in the short video below:

By Gill Burn, Carers Support Coordinator at Thirsk Community Care

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